1. 1. Kentucky Trainwreck 2:24
  2. 2 John The Man Of Glass 2:46
  3. 3. Hitparade Of Love 2:48
  4. 4. Daybreak In Dixie 2:21


Kentucky Trainwreck

– Instrumental –

John The Man Of Glass

There is a man i know from Wichita,
who had no mother, who lived without a pa.
Just this beat old farm that his parents left him
‘cause they died by the hand of their own unlucky kin.

There goes john the man of glass,
breaking his arms, breaking his legs.
Picking up the pieces of a broken man.
There goes John the man of glass,
working the farm, doing his best
to keep himself from falling down again.

He tried to work the land from time to time.
Kept slipping on horseshit and he started to whine.
Bruised ribs, busted legs and a head like sphere,
made John stay in bed for the rest of the year .

Well I paid a visit but John was gone.
Had enough of his farm and being all alone.
But in search for some luck and the love of a wife,
little John found his end by a dish of his bride.

Hitparade of Love

From what I’ve been a hearing dear you’ve really got it made
You’ve got a lot of fellers on your lover’s hit parade
If I can’t be your number one I don’t know what I’ll do
Gonna be plumb up to the top I’m so in love with you

On the hit parade of love I know I’ll never stop
I’ve got a long long way to climb before I reach top
But if I do get there soon I’d really have it made
Then I’ll know I’m number one your lover’s hit parade

Now it’s your heart I’m after ‘cause it’s so nice and kind
Another one to take your place would sure be hard to find
So put your arms around me dear and be my turtle dove
Then I’ll feel like I’m number one on your hit parade of love

Now if we work together like all good lovers should
We can make a go of it everything will turn out good
We will can so much fun we’ll really have it made
Then I’ll know I’m number one on your lover’s hit parade

Daybreak in Dixie

– Instrumental –


All songs written and performed by the old ditch riverhoppers – except for 3. hitparade of love (Martin, Birchfield) & 4. daybreak in dixie (Stanley Brothers).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bart van Strien @ Bart’s garage in Wilnis in april 2016. Photography by David Cooper at Cowboy up. Artwork & layout by Jabe Faber.

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Kentucky Trainwreck

Title : Kentucky Trainwreck
Release Date : 27 juni 2016
Format : Vinyl